A BIGGER, SMARTER, Garmin calls for a BETTER, STRONGER mount

The NEW K-EDGE XL Mount for the Garmin EDGE 1000

The mount choice of Team SKY.


"It's reassuring to know American-made aluminum is holding your camera secure. The K-EDGE Go Big mounts also steady your camera more than any of the stock GoPro mounts."
— Lennard Zinn, Velo Magazine. June 2013

About K-Edge


K-EDGE and K-EDGE Manufacturing are located in Boise, Idaho, USA. We not only design everything right here, but we also machine and manufacture here as well—from start to finish.

K-EDGE produces high-end bicycle components, not slick marketing presentations. Like most quality components on your bike, our parts are manufactured to exacting specifications to ensure they're perfectly compatible with elite level bikes.

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