The ultimate upgrade for POV cameras! The GO BIG Mount collection locks your camera perfectly on a perfectly positioned, unbreakable, lightweight and rock solid platform.

K-EDGE GO BIG Mounts were developed for GoPro™ users who did not want their camera to fall off and be lost. What resulted was dramatically improved video footage by removing all movement from the camera and mount.

We set out to make the ideal mounts for bike races but the performance gain, simplicity and security benefits users in all action sports- from off road car racing to ski BASE jumping off the worlds most famous mountains.

You should not step up for a potentially once in-a-lifetime bike race, stunt, ski descent, or any adventure worth catching on camera and wonder if your camera will still be attached when you are done. In other words, If you’re going to GO BIG, make sure your camera is locked on with a K-EDGE Mount.

Contour Mounts

Contour compatible mounts coming soon...

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